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Samora is pleased to share her knowledge and skill with others in the Atlanta and surrounding communities by offering regular classes.  The classes are six-week courses where students in both the Beginner and Intermediate classes learn to strengthen their belly dance technique and also learn choregraphy and exciting combinations.

The classes are designed to be informative, innovative, fun and good for your overall spiritual, physical, emotional and overall well-being.  The classes are taught in a beautiful, spacious studio by an instructor who is not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also warm, sincere, and has a deep appreciation for her students.

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Classes take place at Several Dancer's Core Studios (www.coredance.org).

Intermediate/Advanced Class:  Begins Sunday, April 1st, 3:30-5:00 p.m.                                      
Join Samora for four weeks of dance instruction for Intermediate-Advanced level students with strong emphasis on davanced technique, layering, and performance skills.  This Spring Session is a choreography course that is condensed into four weeks with each class being a full hour-and-a-half.  More details about the choreography and needed props will be posted soon; so check back!

Cost: $60.00 per course for those who pre-register.  Click on Paypal link to register!  Or, contact Samora for payment address to mail in a payment.

ONE COURSE ONLY *Includes $1.00 Paypal fee

Why Belly Dance?

 Bellydance is a dance/art form that has gained popularity in the United States within the last few decades but has been around countries in the Middle East for many, many years.  Part of the popularity of the dance form is attributed to the stunning, exciting, and beautiful ways in which it is performed.  However, belly dance is also very fun to learn because there are many physiological, spiritual, social and emotional benefits and attributes that make it the dance form that truly celebrates womanhood and femininity.  It also promotes a healthy body image for ALL women in ways no other dance form can do.  So, what are you waiting for?  Grab a couple of girlfriends and give it a try.  You'll love it- and your life will surely be enriched!


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*Special Note Regarding Studio Location:

The entry door to the studio is located on N. McDonough Street, not Sycamore (on the Square).  You will turn onto N. McDonough into a U-shaped parking lot with metered parking spaces.  Almost immediately on your right, you will see another, smaller parking lot.  The studio entrance door is at the bottom of that parking lot.  You can park in that lot or in the main McDonough parking lot at the metered spaces.  If the studio door is locked, you can ring the downstairs studio doorbell and someone can open the door for you.  More general directions on the studio location can be found on the website at: severaldancerscore.com.

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