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Samora is an award-winning professional Middle Eastern Style belly dancer, choreographer and instructor based in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is also the Director and Founder of the Amoraat Dance Ensemble performance troupe and Bahiraat Student Troupe.  Samora has been in the belly dance industry for over fifteen years- studying, teaching and performing across the U.S.  She is recognized for being a premiere belly dancer of color in Georgia and she gives much credit to her dance mentor for the opportunity to pursue a professional career in belly dance.  In this way, doors for dancers of color which had otherwise been overlooked are now wide open.  Oddly enough, as belly dancing orginates from a region of the world that is vastly rich in people of "color," a pervasive view of who is acceptable as a belly dancer in America has been very narrow, according to Samora.  She notes that one of the things that make her proudest is to see the rich diversity in dancers that now exist, as the discimination that was once pervasive in the U.S. has started to dissipate in the belly dance industry.

Samora quite obviously has a true love for the dance form and maintains a deep respect for the Middle Eastern culture.  She is recognized and noted for her unique, captivating, intriguing and graceful performance dance style and for her ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  She is a favorite among many to be sure.  

Having studied dance all of her life, Samora has a very diverse dance background (Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballet, Modern).  During her belly dance career, Samora has studied with some of the world's leading belly dancers and choreographers including Tito Seif of Egypt, Mahmoud Reda, Morocco, Artemis Mourat, Ranya Renee, and Jillina of Belly Dance Superstars and Belly Dance Evolution to name a few.  Over the past fifteen years, Samora has performed for thousands-at restaurants, nightclubs, festivals, showcases, weddings and private events in and around the Atlanta area and the U.S. 

Samora specializes in teaching and performing Turkish, Egyptian and Lebanese Restaurant/Cabaret, American Fantasy, Egyptian Raks Sharqi, Raqs al Assaya (cane dance), Raqs al-Sayf (sword dance), Bollywood fusion, Spanish Flamenco fusion and in teaching prenatal belly dance fitness.